• “I installed your Piling Guards last year on my dock in Savannah. When Hurricane Mathew struck this summer, all my neighbor’s docks were destroyed. My dock was the only one left standing! Thank you Piling-Guard, for saving me a ton of money!” RH – Savannah, GA
  • “I wish someone had invented these strips many years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money.” Lake Wylie, SC
  • “Your Piling-Guard strips are doing a great job of preventing wear damage to my boat from rubbing against my pilings.” Florida, USA
  • “These are worth every penny. They work just like you told us they would. Piling wear is now a memory and your customer service is second to none!!! If I were to ever buy a second waterfront lot, I will install them the first day.”  Shallotte, NC
  • “I was pleasantly surprised to find these strips are much stronger than I thought they would be from the pictures I had seen. My dock gets pounded by waves during storms but your Piling-Guard strips have shown NO wear. I can see how these strips will greatly extend the life of my pilings. Your customer service is excellent and it’s nice when you occasionally find a company that delivers even more than they promise.” Lake Norman, NC
  • Dear Piling Guards, My sister visited me in the spring of 2012 and noticed how my dock has been wearing my dock pilings away. Unfortunately, we didn’t know any solution to this problem. A few weeks after her visit, she was excited to call and tell me about a Piling-Guard postcard she had just received. I sent for your piling guard strips. Your shipping was quick and the piling guards arrived in no time. My husband installed them based on your easy to follow directions. It is now 8 months later, the Piling-Guards are working perfectly and have stood up marvelously to the floating dock wear. I am so pleased that our pilings will be protected for a long time to come and we avoid the expense of replacing them. Thank you so much for such a good product.” J.S. – Illinois
  • “I just spent $4,585.00 to replace the worn pilings on my dock. This time, I’m going to be smart & install Piling-Guards while my pilings are new so I can prevent a huge repair bill in the future. They also prevent pilings from damaging my boat. Piling-Guards look a lot better than worn pilings too!!!”  John – South Carolina
  • “Sir or Madam, I am so glad I received your post card. I almost threw it away until I read it and saw the pictures. Our pilings were getting so much wear that we knew an expensive replacement was in our future. When we found how inexpensive your piling protectors are and how much it will extend the life of our  existing pilings, we could not believe it. Look at the enclosed pictures of our pilings and see the difference. Thanks so much for the post card and a really great product.” Mrs V – North Carolina
  • “I can’t believe how quieter my dock is after installing your Piling-Guard strips. We no longer have to hear the obnoxious squeaking of our dock rubbing against the pilings. Thank you for helping us enjoy our dock more than ever!” Y.N. – North Carolina
  • “Every boat that passed my dock was costing me about a dime in piling wear. Piling-Guards put an end to that.” TS – Georgia

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