Rub Rail Bumper Strips

Edge Strip Drawing 2 - No Demensions copy
• The most durable Rub Rail for your dock.
• Un-like rubber based rub rails, our Rub Rail is non-marking and doesn’t stretch when hot.
• Our Rub Rail is made from the same material that we’ve used for many years to make our Piling Strips and may be the last rub rail you’ll ever need to buy.

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Carefully read instructions that are posted in the “Installation Instructions” section of this web site.

Rub Rails Bumpers can be installed by anyone that is reasonably handy with a cordless screwdriver. This means that home owners, dock builders and most general contractors can install them. We can also help you find a local installer. Our screws also feature a star drive head that won’t slip out of the drive bit, unlike Phillips heads.

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Click here for Rub Rail Bumper Installation Instruction page.

Our Rub Rail Bumpers are made in USA & patent pending in USA & Canada. Simply measure the total distance along the edge of your dock, then divide by 8 & round up to next whole number to calculate number of strips you need.

8 foot long Rub Rail Bumper strips:
   MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price): $39.99 per strip
4 Rub Rail Bumper strips (32 feet total) – $31.99 per strip
8 Rub Rail Bumper strips (64 feet total) – $29.99 per strip
16 Rub Rail Bumper strips (128 feet total) – $27.99 per strip

Please inquire for pricing on quantities larger than 16 strips.
For orders, to ask questions, or request a free sample, call us at: 704-860-7728.

If shipping is required, we only charge you the cost of freight. In other words, we do not add extra fees for handling.